Current Openings


We are searching for warm, dedicated, empathic therapists who have a special interest in treating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and other primarily anxiety-related disorders. Our goal is to provide empirically supported treatments to patients with anxiety related disorders so that they can overcome their fears and live value-based lives.

If you have interest in becoming a specialist with anxiety-related disorders then OCD Spectrum might be the place for you. Led by Nick Flower, Psy.D., OCD Spectrum is the only clinic in Pittsburgh specifically dedicated to OCD and related disorders. Having a specialty focus will allow you to provide highly competent treatment for a patient group that really needs expertise for them to get better. If you are not currently an OCD or anxiety specialist, it’s okay! Dr. Flower is willing to provide the training you will need to feel comfortable calling yourself an expert.

So, do you want to specialize? Do you want to be an expert? Do you want to feel a high level of confidence in your interventions with all your patients? Then submit your resume or curriculum vitae to info@ocdpittsburgh.com, or fill out and submit the form to get started.