Dialectical Behavior Therapy- Skills Training Group

Dialectical Behavior Therapy- Skills Training Group

Beginning March 16th, 2021, we will be offering an outpatient Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills training group! The group will meet from 12:30-1:30 P.M. EST on Tuesdays, virtually, through Google Meet, at OCD Spectrum with Marlana Wilson, LCSW. This group is open to adults looking to improve upon the behavioral and emotional patterns that interfere with living, and also to mental health professionals looking to learn DBT skills for their own practice. The cost per session is $50, and the group will be limited to 15 members.

In this group, you can expect to learn skills in four modules:

  1. Mindfulness Skills: Help to focus attention on the present moment

  2. Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills: Help to establish, maintain, improve, and (if necessary) end relationships effectively

  3. Emotion Regulation: Help to identify, tolerate, and manage emotions

  4. Distress Tolerance Skills: Help learn how to survive the crisis situations brought on by the inevitable intense and uncomfortable emotions that come with living a full life

To Sign Up:

Contact Michelle at (412) 444-8776, ext. 1. If you have more detailed questions about the group, please feel free to reach out to Marlana Wilson at MWilson@ocdpittsburgh.com, or (412) 444-8776, ext. 4.