Types of OCD


Many people mistakenly believe that OCD simply refers to people who like to keep things orderly, neat, or clean but there are many different presentations of OCD. Our therapists are familiar with all types of OCD and can find the right treatment for you. Here are some of the many versions of OCD can take: 


Just right

Typical obsessions: I can’t concentrate unless everything is “just right”

Typical compulsions: Straightening objects, “redding-up”, excessive organizing 


Homosexual or HOCD 

Typical obsessions: What if I’m gay?

Typical compulsions: Reassurance seeking; checking to see if aroused in the presence of the same sex


Harm OCD

Typical obsessions: What if I harm my loved one?

Typical compulsions: Avoiding knives or objects that can be used to harm others


Pedophilia OCD

Typical obsessions: What if I become a pedophile? What if I abused my child while changing her diaper?

Typical compulsions: Avoiding children, being alone with children; Checking for arousal



Typical obsessions: What if I contaminate myself and get sick or get my family sick? What if I am disgusted and can’t get over the disgust?

Typical compulsions: Excessive hand washing; reassurance seeking; avoidance; excessive cleaning



Typical obsessions: What if my partner is cheating on me? What if I don’t fully and completely love my partner? How can I ever know?

Typical compulsions: Reassurance seeking; Checking partners text messages; Checking arousal


Hypochondria or health-related

Typical obsessions: What if I have cancer? What if I get a terminal illness in the next 5 years; What if this body sensation I’m having is a sign of cancer?

Typical compulsions: Checking; reassurance seeking; multiple doctors visits


Mental or “Pure-O”

Typical obsessions: What if I can never stop thinking about (a thing)? 

Typical compulsions: These compulsions are purely mental. 



Typical obsessions: What if I can’t stop thinking about my blinking? What if I can’t stop breathing manually?

Typical compulsions: Trying to ignore breathing/blinking/heartbeat, etc.

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